The Best Educational ERP software | USA Based

ERP systems are a necessity for running a business and managing complex processes, helping with that facility service solutions. A good ERP software should integrate information such as inventory management, record keeping and accounting. The software should be able to synchronize them across the network flawlessly. However, for an educational setting, a specific ERP software is required.

An ERP system designed for the classroom should allow students to access, enroll, and register for courses online. Additionally, it should keep track of faculty, students, and simplify record management. There is a lot of ERP software available, but here are a couple of the better options developed specifically for education.


Ellucian helps to not only gather and maintain information, but to build a digital campus which helps to form a community. This software allows teachers and staff to eliminate manual processes and save time. Students are allowed easy access to enroll and pay for courses through an online portal. Ellucian also tracks metrics to help guide day to day operations, and make organization simpler.


This ERP software is user friendly and allows for data to be hosted in a cloud. Mobile and tablet friendly, this software has a high security to protect sensitive data for faculty and for students. This software has many features such as online courses, certificates and documents, a dashboard with reporting, and individual student management – Just to name a few. This is definitely a professional software for higher end institutions such as universities.

There are many other options to keep in mind when looking for an ERP system that will work in an educational setting. Some of the higher end softwares have many features but may not be cost effective, or may be excessive for some situations. By doing your research beforehand, you may find an ERP software which is applicable to your needs.