You choose to plan because you want to achieve a goal and planning paves the road that helps with achieving the goal.The road guides and outlines for the person doing the task.A clearer and more detailed planning will increase your success. The first step is setting where you want to go, in this case, it is your goal.A good place to start with would be your records.Start from there and set your goal.But the goals you set must be realistic and down to earth; I.E.70marks or 25%growth. The goal needs people and resources so that it can be accomplished and you will need to identify what you have at hand; I.E., time, money, experience and more.Take a good look and the more you find the easier it would be for you to achieve your goal.

Now that you’ve identified your resources it will be easier for you to allocate your resources accordingly and achieve the best results.The tasks you set are to give a sense of direction, it must be detailed and contain sufficient information. Before achieving any goals there are priorities, only by finishing the priorities then we can proceed to other tasks at hand.So you can create deadlines or assignments to counteract this but take note of each individual’s capabilities. Even the most well-planned thing can go wrong and when it does, always be ready.